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I did a lot of work with one of my own heroes, controversial Irish singer/songwriter Sinéad O’Connor, in the early part of this new millennium.

Now it is time to put these works in context and show them -and some of the photographs, sketches and drawings that were produced for the various projects with Sinéad.

The most controversial work, of course is the huge nude painting I produced for the great singer/songwriter in 2003, featuring Sinéad as the model for a large and ambitious canvas titled ‘Strange Days’.

The painting is pretty famous, or notorious, depending on your point of view, for exchanging hands in controversial circumstances and selling at auction in 2011 for a massive €24,000 when it had a reserve of €10,000 -and had been expected to sell for less.

I will tell the whole story of that painting and others here but first here is some of my work for her wonderful album ‘Faith and Courage’ in 2001.

Sinead O’Connor. Faith and Courage.2001.