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James Connolly. Irish Revolutionary. Executed 1916.

connolly print proof.reclaim1916cu

You can buy this print here:

The Easter Rising/Aiséirí na Cásca 1916.

James Connolly has long been one of my own heroes of the Irish Rebellion, known to every Irish schoolkid as  ‘The Rising’.

In 1969 I did my first attempt at a poster of Connolly but I could not find a publisher, today I can publish whatever I wish myself thanks to the great leap forwards in technology since those wonderful, rewarding but primitive days of screen printing by hand.

This year, 2015, I decided to do a short series commemorating the heroes of the period, especially the executed men who paid for their armed idealism with their lives in the cause of Irish freedom.

I had the original artwork for James Connolly completed in early April and uploaded it on social media, printed out a few copies myself and then I was invited by artist/activist Bobby Ballagh to be a patron of ‘Reclaim 1916’ launched after the disastrous FineGael, Labour government attempt to wipe out the names of the executed from their touchy-feely commemorations for 1916-2016.

(see link below)

It was no surprise that a Quisling mindset would dominate the celebration of our fight for freedom when these same political parties, FineGael, Labour, and the appalling Cowen FiannaFáil government, sold the Irish people out to their EU ECB ReichsBank masters and inflicted on us all and our children -and grandchildren -the biggest transfer of wealth from the ordinary Irish citizen to the corrupt legal, banking and business elite since Oliver Cromwell transferred 64% of the national wealth of Ireland from one section of the Irish people to the already wealthy British and Irish elite whose venal genetic stream still control our economy today despite the efforts and writings of Connolly.

PS. All views here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of all patrons and supporters of ‘Reclaim 1916’.

I don’t think many would disagree but we all have our own opinions and are free to express them. 

At the launch of ‘Reclaim 1916’ I presented my old Herbert Park football friend James Connolly Heron with a copy of my tribute to his illustrious grandfather. He and Bobby Ballagh were quite taken by it and as a result I gave them the right to produce a limited edition A2 (23″x16″) print of my new image with the legend ‘Reclaim 1916’ in logotype for their edition.

I intend, as I had originally, to continue selling my own larger A1 size, signed and numbered edition of 95 only on my website.

I also intend to delay the launch of my own print to give the ‘Reclaim 1916’ a good sales run for badly needed funding so grab this special print while you can from here:

The James Connolly ‘Reclaim 1916’ A3 (23″x16) signed and numbered limited edition (250) copies only) print also directly available here: Just call Sandra at 087 6323178. Price is €125 via Mandate Trade Union. All funds go to fund ‘Reclaim 1916’ .


Presenting my own print of James Connolly to his grandson James Connolly Heron, center, with writer Tim Pat Coogan to his left.


JAMES CONNOLLY prints x2low

Proof print for James Connolly ‘Reclaim 1916’ print on the right. All sales go to ‘Reclaim 1916.

Note: Print on left is my own signed, numbered, embossed, limited edition (95 0nly) A1 size print, without the Reclaim 1916’ logo, is available via onhealthy my website. I have sold numbers 01, 02 only and have held off promoting it to allow the above ‘Reclaim 1916’ limited print to grab proper attention and raise badly needed funds for the ‘Reclaim 1916’ project.

Meanwhile if you want the larger original A1 (33″x23″) James Connolly print -signed, numbered and embossed by me personally -here’s the link:

Thanks everyone for the amazing interest in this new series. Next up: Padraic Pearse. Jim.

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  1. Hi Jim I would love to buy one of the 95 limited edition prints, and one of each of the future ones aswell.

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