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REVOLUTION NOW! James Connolly Irish Revolutionary.

James Connolly


James ConnollyJames Connolly was always a hero of mine.

For me, Connolly represented the workers, the laborers, the poor, the disenfranchised and the cannon fodder of the British Empire.
James Connolly was the great Marxist, socialist, pragmatist and revolutionary and I believe his voice is also the voice of the Proclamation of Independence.

 The Proclamation, amongst other superb provisions, states clearly:2006-3-15-proclamation
1. ‘We declare the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland…’                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yep, our natural resources belong to us, not Fianna Fáil, Labour and Fine Gael Quislings -or Mr. Big -or Shell, who loot our natural gas and pay NO royalties to Ireland thanks to that corrupt, venal politician Ray Burke who still collects a pension of over €110,000.
2. ‘…and the unfettered control of Irish destinies to be sovereign and indefeasible’
Now we have to ask unelected EU thugs if we can fart while they impose the gambling losses of their banks on Irish citizens with the help of  the most corrupt politicians in Irish history.
3. ‘…guarantees civil and religious liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all it’s citizens.’
Yep, women included, way back in 1916 but today still have only limited rights in Ireland.
4. ‘…cherishing all of the children equally’
Yeah right! No need to point out how that has gone so far.

Guards_force_digger_through_crowd_0We need to overthrow this forelock-tugging bunch of mé-feiners and strip them of their vast gold-plated pensions, sick salaries, endless allowances etc… We need to overthrow the entire political and legal system that supports and protects them.
We need a new police force, a real cheap soma. Irish Citizens Army that does not act as a security force for the SiteServs and Shells of this world.
We need a proper legal system dedicated to equality for all before the law not the present absolutely immoral and deeply corrupt two-tier system of justice that protects the rich and the most corrupt.

And that’s only for starters. Time to enforce the entire Proclamation, time to follow the path of Connolly and Pearse. Revolution Now!

Jim FitzPatrick. 2015


For my original James Connolly Irish revolutionary Print:

My own limited edition version has no lettering. Size as Che poster, signed numbered and embossed by me personally, edition 95, price €295.

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-B&W picture is James Connolly.

-The red background drawing is a close up of my print of James Connolly.

-The gold document is the Irish Proclamation. Give it a read!

-The struggle with the Gardaí is from