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I am an Irish artist living and working in Ireland and have been fortunate to have lived the last forty years of my life as an artist. The main vision I had for my life was to bring the rich and colourful history and legends of Ireland to life through my art. I started my Celtic Irish artworks in the early 1970s at a time when very little attention was paid to our distinctive and unique ancient histories, myths and legends, and they were certainly not cool. Now they are well-known and cherished, due to the efforts of myself and many others, all of us indebted to the great and learned ┬áscholars from the turn of the century to the present and I’m happy they are.

Heroes of Irish History and Legend

Celtic Irish Art

Irish Landscapes


Irish Patriots

Our history is one of 800 years of struggling for freedom, and I, like all Irish people, have been effected by this and by the heroism of those who fought for Irish Freedom and I have expressed these feelings through my political posters over the years going right back to 1968.


Irish Writers and Musicians

I am hugely influenced by the power of Irish music and litrature and have been very lucky as an artist to have worked with some wonderful Irish musicians and singers -from Philip Lynott to Sinead O’Connor and many others over the years. That’s a young me on the left beside my good mate Philip Lynott with poet Peter Fallon in Neary’s Pub in Dublin back in 1972. The photograph is by our mutual friend, legendary snapper and storyteller Tom Collins.


Che Guevara, Thin Lizzy and more…

Obviously my most famous work is one you know already, VIVA CHE, the internally famous red and black poster. I created this, now iconic, image in 1968 in a personal protest to the manner of his death and am proud of what it has become, an international symbol or resistance to oppression.

In September 2011 I reclaimed the copyright to my image. I had always allowed free and fair usage, for political purposes only, since 1968 and as most will be aware it has been used for often the most crass commercial purposes -always without my permission -never with my consent, as I have never taken any fee or monies for this powerful political image.

Last September, 2011, I met with the daughter of El Che, Alieda Guevara, to arrange for a proper legal handover of all image rights to Alieda Guevara on behalf of the Cuban people for posterity.

I also presented her with the painting in this photograph for display in the Che Guevara Cultural Center in Cuba.

The only rights I retain, by mutual consent, are the rights to produce the series of signed and numbered Limited Edition prints of this historic image which you will find on this, my personal website. Venceremos!


This page is a sample of the work on my site and this site is a sample of the work I have done and continue to do, I hope over the next number of years to put as much of my work up as I can. I intend to paint until my last breath so this may not ever happen. I hope you enjoy my art.



  1. Fred Walker

    My name is Fred Walker and i am contacting you to ask if you would like to be involved in a 2 day Children of Lir festival. To held in Castlepollard on the 23rd 24th of August.the theme will be a celebration of traditional and contemporary irish art and culture

    1. Author

      Hi Fred, love to but can’t. Try me closer to the date, love to see what you are up to. Best, Jim

  2. Kerry Fitzpatrick

    Jim, I met you nearly 20 years at Walker’s Metal Smith’s in Andover, NY USA. It’s been great fun following your work over the years. All the best.

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