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SIONNA was a river goddess of the Shannon and was worshipped also as the fox goddess and was renowned for her beauty and cunning, the divine personification of the humble fox and it’s more attractive qualities -and the ability of Sionna as a shapeshifter to move from human to animal, to vanish as a fox and reappear as a human when pursued or cornered.
She also had the powerful Geas Rua, which could destroy any enemy without even the use of a weapon.
Both Sionna and Boann owe their origins to the actions of the Boyne and the Shannon when they defied the magical powers of two wells (The Well of Segais, the Well of Coelrind) and as a result of which both well rose up in anger , turning to mighty tides and thus drowned the twin goddesses.
SIZE: 30” x 21” (760mm x 335mm)
IMAGE AREA: 18.50” x 16.50” (470” x 420”)
Mounted on heavy board, ready for framing.

NOTE: Sionna and Boann are precisely the same size and are best displayed together.
All works shown are executed in pen and ink and lightfast acrylic paint on acrylic vellum and are designed to last without fading.
Obviously exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided.


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