Beneath the Sky of Stars Hand Colored Gold Print


Beautifully hand colored with gold and silver ink on pearlescent paper.

Signed and Embossed Limited Edition of 25.

All printed, hand colored, signed, embossed, packed and posted by the artist Jim FitzPatrick from his studio in Howth, Ireland.



Beneath the Sky of Stars.  A new limited edition silver and gold hand colored print by Jim FitzPatrick

The pictures try to show how the light plays with the gold and silver. Check out the video to get a better idea of its beauty!

Special Limited Edition of only 25 prints, signed, numbered, embossed and hand colored with gold highlights by the artist Jim FitzPatrick. Each print also comes with a separate certificate of authenticity.
This is the partner piece to the sold-out gold print of “The Kiss. Beneath the Sky of Stars.”, and has always been one of my favorite and most popular works.

Beneath the Sky of Stars depicts two ancient Irish Gods and lovers, Nuada of the Silver Arm, King of the DéDanann and of Ireland and The Morrígan, the DéDanann Goddess of war and fate. Through battles bloody and grim, times of great loss and victory, and when in most need, The Morrígan would abandon her fierce war-crow form and join Nuada to love on earth.
These myths and characters are among our most ancient Irish stories, never let them fade.
Whether you already own it’s partner piece “The Kiss” or not this beautiful and unique hand colored print will bring light and love into your home.


Print details :

This beautiful artwork is printed on 16”x11” Pearlescent paper and hand colored with silver and gold.
The print is hand colored with oil-based opaque metallic paint and the highlights are colored with an 18 karat gold leafing pen.

Each print is numbered, signed, embossed and comes with a separate certificate of authenticity from Jim FitzPatrick.
These prints are, printed, colored and packaged all in the artist’s studio by Jim FitzPatrick himself.

There will be slight differences in each hand colored print because the artist gets distracted by his cats.

Please allow an additional 10 days for the shipping and handling as each of these prints are printed and colored by Jim FitzPatrick only on order.


Additional information

Edition Numbers

1,2, 3,4,5, 6,7,8, 9,10,11, 12,13,14, 15,16,17, 18,19,20, 21,22,23, 24,25


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