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In the interest of solidarity, if you are a victim of the recession like most of us and can not afford my prints I have free digital print versions for download, so please feel free to download and print them for yourself and your family. (Non-commercial usage only).


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Philip’s Irishness was never in doubt but now we talked a lot about his black roots and black music. I loved Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Muddy Waters and all that stuff, Philip was big into the Irish poet Yeats and beat writer Jack Kerouac (‘On the Road’).
Somewhere he wanted a synthesis and fusion of all these influences to flow into his music; he played me the master mixes of this album on a set of cans attached to a walkman as we walked the beach. I was proud to be involved but unfortunately, the record company wanted more hard rock, as is their right, and his dreams were shattered.
The cover was too ‘serious and dreamy’ so it went too. C’est la vie’.
Philip loved it so much I gave it to him to hang in his home studio. It hangs today in his mum’s house in a room dedicated to his memory. At the top left, on the original artwork, is a dedication: ‘To Philip. This one is for you. Jim’.
It was our last collaboration.


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