For While I’m Away… 24″x16.5″ A Watercolor Portrait of Philip Lynott


For While I’m Away…

A new hand-drawn and painted limited edition watercolor portrait of Philip Lynott by Jim FitzPatrick

There are two other sizes 14″ x 10″ and 16″ x 12″, links in description.

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From the original Thin Lizzy artist a new tribute to legendary Thin Lizzy frontman Philip Lynott.

This is a very limited edition watercolor of only 5 24″x16.5″ hand drawn and painted Philip Lynott Portraits.

For While I’m Away…
A new hand-drawn and painted limited edition watercolor portrait of Philip Lynott by Jim FitzPatrick
There are currently two smaller sizes 14″ x 10″ and 16″ x 12″, link in the description. Pricing on these very limited editions is staggered so get the lower priced lower numbers first!

The 14″x 10″ version is a limited edition of 15. Click here for it!

The 16″ x 12″version is a limited edition of 7. Click here for it!

Pictured is the 24″x16.5″ version. I have tried to show the depth and rich texture of the paper which is the highest quality and the paint highlights which I think really bring this portrait to life.


Artists Note:

Philip Lynott. For While I’m Away…
Drawn in pen and ink on large size Arches hard watercolour paper: 24” x16.5”.
This is the last in this new series of real original artworks by me for Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy fanatics with no additional 50% gallery surcharge or middleman charges.
Of course I realize the price is a bit steep for fans but this is no quick sketch, this one took me four days to create and it is very detailed as you can see so no one will feel short-changed. I don’t use assistants -this is all my own handiwork and I take pride in producing quality art.
All part of my effort to place real artwork in the right hands at a decent price.
For this series of 5 I have added a little watercolour cartouche of Philip and Gnasher to the base.
The toon is a copy of a sketch I did for Philip back in the day for his solo appearance on the legendary Old Grey Whistle Test with Whispering Bob Smith. Once of his finest performances too I would reckon.
-Jim FitzPatrick. Nov 2017


Every year around the time of his birthday I like to do something to remember my close friend and artistic collaborator, the late Philip Lynott of Thin Lizzy.
Philip was a one-off: a tall, leggy, extraordinary talented rascal of a black Irishman with a wicked sense of humour and a love of all things Irish including the black stuff.
Once when I was out with him a friendly journalist asked him about his ‘look’. It was the Vagabonds album period and the journo wanted more of the ‘cosmic cowboys’ stuff Philip had mentioned in the music press a few weeks earlier.
There was a pause as Philip thought about it then he looked at me mischievously and turned to the guy:

‘My Look? I dunno…I look like a fuckin pint of Guinness…yaknowwharr I mean’.

I nearly wet myself laughing. I had not heard that one before though he used it a few times over the years but it was spot on.
For those who are unfamiliar with Ireland’s national beverage, it is pitch black with a creamy top -just like Philip.
Yep, I miss that man a lot.

This new work is based on a drawing I did for Philip for his book of lyrics titled ‘A Song for While I’m Away’ so my title is rather apt.
Each of these new original watercolor drawings is individual and slightly different. This is my way of getting precious artwork to the many fans who cannot afford my original Thin Lizzy artwork -most of which I will never sell anyway -but that’s another story for another day

The works are in three sizes, shown above, suitable for framing and are on the most beautiful paper of them all: Arches Aquarelle watercolor paper. 100% Pure cotton 300gm/140 lb sheets manufactured in the same mill in France since 1492.
The paper is a joy toward on and it shows.

Here’s to Philip: we will remember him always.
Jim FitzPatrick. August 2017.


Shipping and Handling:

Please allow an additional 15 business days from purchase as this is drawn and painted to order.

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