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In the interest of solidarity, if you are a victim of the recession like most of us and can not afford my prints I have free digital print versions for download, so please feel free to download and print them for yourself and your family. (Non-commercial usage only).


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These FREE downloads are for you to print and put in your home or use as screensavers or anything else you can think of that is Non-commercial usage only.

Like all of my artworks these images are copyright protected.


According to Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001, Newgrange is the oldest building in the entire world. This gigantic, mystical monument was over 5,000 years ago over an older edifice of wood in the Boyne Valley. Even today it holds the imagination with its portal light box tuned to the winter and summer solstices and its astounding and mysterious carvings of still undeciphered celestial symbols.


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