The Kiss. Gold Hand Colored Print



Beautifully hand colored with gold ink on pearlescent paper.

Signed and Embossed Limited Edition of 25.




The Kiss. Beneath the Sky of Stars.  A new Limited Edition gold colored print by Jim FitzPatrick

Special Limited Edition of only 25 prints, signed, numbered, embossed and hand colored with gold highlights by the artist Jim FitzPatrick. Each print also comes with a separate certificate of authenticity.

Following the success of my first gold colored limited edition print, ‘Queen Maeve, warrior Queen of Connaght’, which sold out in less than 24 hours, I have decided to produce a new gold enhanced version of my painting ‘The Kiss. Beneath the Sky of Stars’. This is one of my most famous artworks and best selling prints.

This work portrays the heroic Nuada of the Silver Arm, High King of Eireann (Ireland) and his beautiful lover Nemain of the Badb, one of the triple war goddesses of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
It is a romantic work and very personal to the artist as the models for this piece were actual lovers and the drawing for this piece was taken from a photograph of the two.

‘This has always been one of my most popular prints and has appeared on everything from calendars to placemats. For myself it remains a reminder of the power of love and the power of art -and the sheer effort it takes to combine the two in a way that preserves the integrity of the moment when ‘two hearts beat as one’ and holds that moment sacred for eternity’.
-Jim FitzPatrick.

It is a real pleasure to find a new way to use this work and I hope all 25 prints find a good home.

Print details :
This beautiful artwork is printed on 16”x11” Pearlescent paper and hand colored with four different shades of gold.
The print is hand colored with oil based opaque metallic paint and the highlights are colored with an 18 karat gold leafing pen.
Each print is numbered, signed, embossed and comes with a separate certificate of authenticity from Jim FitzPatrick.
These prints are, printed, colored and packaged all in the artists studio by Jim FitzPatrick himself.


There will be slight differences in each hand colored print because the artist gets distracted by his cats.

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1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25


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