The Seven Signatories of the Irish Proclamation Poster Print.


Have I done these heroic patriots justice?  I hope so. This is the most important work of my life and I feel compelled to do these heroes justice. See and judge for yourself.
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The Signatories of the Irish Proclamation Poster Print.

Tom Clarke, Seán MacDiarmada, Thomas MacDonagh, James Connolly, Padraic Pearse, Éamonn Ceannt and Joseph Plunkett.

All Irish Revolutionaries. All executed 1916.

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In 1916, in a rebellion known as the Easter Rising, a small group of uniformed and organized but poorly armed Irish patriots took on the might of the British Empire and sought to end 800 years of subjugation and oppression.
 Although totally outnumbered, for twelve extraordinary days in May 1916, they fought the British army to a standstill until finally forced to surrender as prisoners of war. 
Most were promptly executed without mercy and with their executions the Irish people, who initially had rejected them as hopeless dreamers and troublemakers, were so outraged by these brutal murders that they rose in huge numbers against the British and eventually succeeded, after years of armed struggle and massive help from the Irish diaspora in America, in ejecting the British and declaring independence.

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