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This is a set of 6 stunning Thin Lizzy artworks by Jim FitzPatrick.

Get 6 prints for the price of 4! All Prints Signed!

If you wish to substitute one print for another of your choosing that is no problem.

Artworks in this set from left to right:


Thin Lizzy The Rocker Signed and numbered Limited Edition Print. The Rocker was one of the singles from ‘Vagabonds of the Western World’ and one of the best of Philip’s vocals and lyrics.

THIN LIZZY  METALLIC LOGO  1982 Link to print

This very elaborate airbrush art variation of the quite famous Thin Lizzy logo was my own idea and I literally worked day and night for weeks to produce this piece. The idea was that the new logo artwork would be tested on the cover of the single ‘Trouble Boys’.
In the end it was never reproduced as I wanted and only mangled bits of it were used on the single cover and elsewhere. Here it is now as I originally conceived and executed it – finally it can be shown as intended. One of my very best.
The way artwork was prepared back then was to cut endless masks to cover minute areas then airbrush slowly and carefully, layer upon layer. The final result was superb but it was long, hard, grinding, disciplined work.
I was so disappointed and angry it was never used. I was never paid either as the record company refused to acknowledge that they had commissioned this work and nobody stood up to them for me. Now I get a chance to show it properly as a high quality print.


Philip loved the album cover art of Vagabonds and I got a hurried call from Philip and Thin Lizzy manager, Ted Carroll, asking me to adapt the artwork for a poster. We were working against time so I did a quick rough in marker ink and sent it over, Ted rang me and told me to work it up into a more developed rough. Philip and Ted were much taken by the final artwork; Philip was beginning to see what I could do and had given me a free hand and it showed. The Vagabonds poster is easily some of my best work of the time. I love it still.
The influences are slightly more comic book than before and Philip loved that. My hero by then was Marvel comic book genius Jack Kirby and the hand gestures are very Kirbyesque while the look owes a lot to the original Spiderman artist Steve Ditko, a beautiful craftsman with a gentle style that leaves him a vastly underestimated artist today.


Philip Lynott Fatalistic Attitudes Print. This was to be the cover of Philip’s second solo album, a very adventurous and avant-garde work that Philip felt would lead him far away from the ‘hard man ‘ image and towards a more literary career as a creative writer/musician.


Philip had always wanted me to do a painting of Thin Lizzy in action and asked me to echo the colours of a Japanese compilation album that used my logo and added beautiful pinks and blues to it. The artwork was a detailed pencil drawing and the colour was added by airbrush. It took ages too but I was happy with the result and I thought I had a real ‘live’ feel to it. Philip was happy with it too and he wanted to continue with artwork rather than photography and he wanted me on board to continue the look he felt I gave the band. The end result was spot on –a real labour of love -but before it was due to be released another major English band brought out a ‘Killers’ album so we were dead in the water. It got buried for years until Jorgen Holmstedt of Universal Music, Sweden spotted it on my website in 2000 and used it on a superb compilation double album, titled ‘ The Boys are Back in Town’ –it is my own favourite Lizzy compilation album too.
It was absolutely wonderful to see it used so beautifully all of twenty years later.

PHILIP LYNOTT PORTRAIT 1979. Link to print

Philip Lynott Portrait Print. This is my all-time favorite portrait of Philip -and Philip loved it too. The very tight pencil drawing was originally prepared for the man himself for an illustrated book of his lyrics.



All prints, with the exception of the A1: 33”x23”, are printed by me in my studio. The A1:33”x23” prints are printed professionally by a top quality Irish printing company. All prints are reproductions made directly from the original painting/drawing and are as close to the original as is possible.

A4 8.30”x 11.7” and A3 16.5″ x 11.69″ prints are Signed Open Edition.

A2: 23.4″x 16.5″ Prints are Signed Limited Editions of 295 and are embossed as proof of authenticity.

A1: 33.1″x 23.4″ Prints are Signed Limited Editions of 95 and are embossed as proof of authenticity. It can take up to 10 days from received payment to complete this order and ship 33”x23” prints.

Full canvas size is 40”x30” (100 x70 cm). Examples of Viva Ché and Fatalistic attitudes are in the pictures.
Canvas is mounted on a thick block wooden stretcher and canvas is wrapped around the sides and pinned on back.
Shipped in protected packing

Please note: Any damage to canvas while in transit will be covered by insurance and will be replaced by myself, Jim FitzPatrick, the artist, without further cost.

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