1-9 SOLD!

LIZZY FANATICS! This is an awesome beauty of a print! I’ve always loved the song and the artwork so I wanted to create something rockin’ that would light up your room in tribute to a great band and my old friend Philip.

Hand enhanced with silver on pearlescent paper.



1-9 SOLD!

THIN LIZZY THE ROCKER SILVER. A new hand enhanced print by the original Thin Lizzy artist Jim FitzPatrick.
If there is one single Thin Lizzy track I can place above all the rest as my own personal favourite it just has to be ‘The Rocker’. I absolutely love making these very original prints, all hand painted by myself, the artist Jim FitzPatrick. No assistants are involved in any way, shape or form.
I don’t have any assistants anyway, can’t afford them 🙂 No kidding. Anyway, I enjoy doing these myself, a cool way of relaxing in between creating new artwork.

Only 25 of these so get the low-priced low numbers quick!
This 16”x11” silver enhanced monochromatic print on pearlescent paper is my own little tribute to this beautifully crafted music classic.
Signed, embossed, limited edition of only 25.

Each print is signed, numbered and embossed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.





When Philip saw the artwork he just loved it and suggested the letter style would be perfect for the new band logo he felt was needed. Up till then, I was doing variations of Tim Booth’s beautiful Cadillac style design, which I adapted for the ‘Vagabonds’ album and poster and for ‘The Rocker’ poster. From that point onwards the famous and familiar logo I designed was used. It was designed to be printed in two colours so I have added the second colour as originally intended. It was to be varied with fawn (above), electric blue and light purple for the print run but ended up in black and white only. Still looked pretty good. I see bootlegs of this artwork everywhere, even on O’Connell bridge in Dublin where it sells all the time –eh, no I don’t get a cent -not something that bothers me anyway. Life is too short.


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Please allow an additional 10 business days before it is sent as each print is printed and colored as ordered.

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