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If you have any questions regarding this artwork please feel free to email me, the artist Jim FitzPatrick, via contact@jimfitzpatrick.com

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BOANN THE COW GODDESS. Original art painting by Jim FitzPatrick
Boann was the goddess of the river Boyne and a cow goddess, a fertility figure of great energy and power in ancient Ireland, where the wealth of a chieftain was measured by ownership of cattle and to a lesser extent, precious metals like gold bronze and silver.
This painting and the sister painting of Sionna were commissioned by Verkerke, a European poster company back in the 70s.
They are executed in pen, ink and lightfast acrylic paint on acrylic vellum for permanency and vibrancy.
SIZE: 30” x 21” (760mm x 335mm)
IMAGE AREA: 18.50” x 16.50” (470” x 420”)
Mounted on heavy board, ready for framing.

All works shown are executed in pen and ink and lightfast acrylic paint on acrylic vellum and are designed to last without fading.
Obviously exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided.


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