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Oisin was the son of the great warrior Fionn McCumhail and was a warrior and one of our greatest poets, who fell for the beautiful Niamh of the Golden Hair.
At the invitation of Niamh, they travelled across the sea on a white steed to the Land of Eternal Youth, Tír na nÓg, where they settled and had three children, Oscar, Fionn, and a daughter called Plur (Flower).
But Oisín was homesick and with the permission of Niamh he decided to return to Ireland but all was long gone of the life and comrades he once knew. Three hundred years had passed and despite the warning of Niamh never to dismount, Oisín fell from the horse and immediately was changed from a powerful warrior to a gnarly old man.
He lived long enough to tell his tales of the past and of the glories of the Fianna to Saint Patrick the Christian, before dying as he had lived, a believer in the older, wiser gods of the earth and sun.
SIZE: 25” x 23” (635mm x 585mm)
IMAGE AREA: 22” x22” (560mm x 560mm)

Unmounted: can be posted via registered mail, wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in heavy roll.
All works shown are executed in pen and ink and lightfast acrylic paint on acrylic vellum and are designed to last without fading.
Obviously exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided.


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