Cruitne Gold Print


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Beautifully hand colored with gold ink on pearlescent paper.
Signed and Embossed Limited Edition of 25.
Created, printed, colored, signed, embossed, packaged and posted by Jim FitzPatrick

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Cruitne, Daughter of Lochan. Gold colored print by Jim FitzPatrick
To commemorate the restoration of my Cruitne stained glass window in the reopened Bewleys of Grafton Street I decided to make a new limited edition hand-colored gold print of this beautiful image.
In the pictures, you can see the stain glass window and the original artwork.

Special Limited Edition of only 25 prints, signed, numbered, embossed and hand colored with gold highlights by the artist Jim FitzPatrick. Each print also comes with a separate certificate of authenticity.
Please allow an additional ten business days from purchase date as each print is hand colored on order.
Keep this in mind with Christmas postage deadlines.

The Story of Cruitne, Daughter of Lochan.
After leaving the service of the King of Kerry, hero of the Fianna, went into military service under Cullen of the Uí Cuanach and stayed in the house of the chief smith Lochan.
Lochan had a very beautiful young daughter called Cruitne and she fell in love with Finn, then only a youth. “I will give my daughter to you, though not who you are” said Lochan, for Finn was under geas, or bond, not to reveal his name, as his head was sought by Goll, the slayer of his father.
Thereafter Cruitne shared his bed, but Finn, fearful that the wrath would fall on Cruitne, never married her.
From Cruitine came the cult tribal name ‘Cruitin’ and the race known Cruitin became one of the most powerful tribes in Ireland. Together with their allies, the Dal-Riada and Dal-Fiathach (or Ulaid), the Cruitin were to challenge the newer Celtic and Gaelic tribes for the supremacy of Ireland for a thousand years.

The Story of the Stain Glass Window
This year has been full of surprises, all good too, but the restoration of my Cruitne stained glass window in the reopened Bewleys of Grafton Street was more than a surprise it was amazing.
I had long presumed it was gone forever after it was removed when Bewleys of Mary Street was sold. Originally it had been commissioned by Veronica and Paddy Campbell and it quickly earned the nickname ‘The Madonna of Mary Street’ from the local Dubs who made sure not a single stone was ever hurled in its direction as it was very vulnerable, installed on the open street side of Mary Street.
I was truly amazed when Veronica Campbell called me and told me it was completely restored and in situ in the reopened Bewley’s Grafton Street. Originally commissioned in 1990 it now stands proud once more alongside the superb windows by my hero Harry Clarke.

Print details :
This beautiful artwork is printed on 16”x11” Pearlescent paper and hand colored with different shades of gold and silver.
The print is hand colored with oil-based opaque metallic paint and the highlights are colored with an 18 karat gold leafing pen.
Each print is numbered, signed, embossed and comes with a separate certificate of authenticity from Jim FitzPatrick.
These prints are, printed, colored and packaged all in the artists studio by Jim FitzPatrick himself.

There will be slight differences in each hand colored print because the artist gets distracted by his cats.

Additional information

Edition Numbers 1-25

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