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This is a fine art print from my original painting ‘The Dream Of Nuada’. This erotic nude Celtic Irish art is based on the myths and legends of Ireland.



I painted this when I was living in Connecticut, USA, and while I had a model for the female figure I had none for the male so I dug out my Thin Lizzy photo file (I did a lot of artwork for Irish band Thin Lizzy around that period) and drew on guitarist Scott Gorham as inspiration –the likeness has often been spotted by Lizzy fans and I have a laugh when they tell me they have copped the similarity. Never mentioned it to Scott. Yet!

The painting illustrates an episode in my book ‘The Book of Conquests’, published in 1978 and depicts the fateful tryst between Nuada of the Silver Arm, king of the mystical Tuatha Dé Dannan, and his war-goddess lover, the Mórrigán, a sorcerous shapeshifter. She is here in human form to seduce Nuada and extract his secrets and plans for battle.


All prints, with the exception of the A1: 33”x23”, are printed by me in my studio. The A1:33”x23” prints are printed professionally by a top quality Irish printing company. All prints are reproductions made directly from the original painting/drawing and are as close to the original as is possible.

A4 8.30”x 11.7” and A3 16.5″ x 11.69″ prints are Signed Open Edition.

A2: 23.4″x 16.5″ Prints are Signed Limited Editions of 295 and are embossed as proof of authenticity.

A1: 33.1″x 23.4″ Prints are Signed Limited Editions of 95 and are embossed as proof of authenticity. It can take up to 10 days from received payment to complete this order and ship 33”x23” prints.

Full canvas size is 40”x30” (100 x70 cm). Examples of Viva Ché and Fatalistic attitudes are in the pictures.
Canvas is mounted on a thick block wooden stretcher and canvas is wrapped around the sides and pinned on back.
Shipped in protected packing

Please note: Any damage to canvas while in transit will be covered by insurance and will be replaced by myself, Jim FitzPatrick, the artist, without further cost.




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