BLACK ROSE with back album cover


Thin Lizzy Blackrose Album cover with back of the album.



Black Rose is possibly the most iconic of all my Thin Lizzy covers and it is certainly one of my most original graphics.

Philip wanted me to try to create, quite literally, a ‘black rose’ for the cover of the album of the same title. It was really difficult as I wanted more than just a rose, I wanted something that reflected Philip’s love of the poem ‘Dark Rosaleen’ by James Clarence Mangan: ‘Oh, there was lightning in my blood, my Dark Rosaleen!’
This was a song about the yearning for liberty from English rule and Philip knew it by heart (well, almost) and I added the final touch just as I was about to finish.
By the way: Roísín Dubh translates as Dark Rose (aka Dark Rosaleen)’
Another poem was the inspiration for the blood coming from the rose; it was a famous religious poem by one of the leaders executed in 1916 after the Easter uprising titled’ I see his blood upon the rose’, by Joseph Mary Plunkett.
Philip was electrified when he saw the final result and he rang me: ‘Jaysus, Jim, you have me sussed! It’s just like I imagined it but better. Effin brilliant!


All prints, with the exception of the A1: 33”x23”, are printed by me in my studio. The A1:33”x23” prints are printed professionally by a top quality Irish printing company. All prints are reproductions made directly from the original painting/drawing and are as close to the original as is possible.

A4 8.30”x 11.7” and A3 16.5″ x 11.69″ prints are Signed Open Edition.

A2: 23.4″x 16.5″ Prints are Signed Limited Editions of 295 and are embossed as proof of authenticity.

A1: 33.1″x 23.4″ Prints are Signed Limited Editions of 95 and are embossed as proof of authenticity. It can take up to 10 days from received payment to complete this order and ship 33”x23” prints.




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